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We build bespoke software designed to resolve your unique business challenges to improve customer experiences and gain competitive advantage

The pace of change on markets disrupts every business and the competitive advantage comes from how fast you can adapt to these changes and improve the level of quality and services you provide, this is the type of new digital age we can prepare for you

Web Development

Acquire bespoke web applications to meet the exact requirements and be productive at the office, home or on the move

Software Development

Use our expertise to help you start-up, improve your existing processes or transform your digital landscape by aligning with your business model

Mobile Development

Introduce a smart intuitive way to communicate effectively for you and your customers and scale to new heights

Product Development

Turn your idea into viable software product and claim your stake in the on-line space on global market

System Integration

Streamline your data flows to work as single framework and simplify communication to boosts productivity and accuracy

BackEnd Development

Fast track your development with scalable server applications, API’s and databases that seamlessly enhance your products and services

Software Consultancy

Let us focus on achievable and effective digital plan with clarity and support around your vision to minimize risk and reduce costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates vary as no two projects are alike, depending on the work it maybe hourly or fixed price for a project. Our aim is to offer you best value possible which is always competitive
Yes, once our consultant has understood your requirements we can provide ball-park time and estimates to give you flavor of minimum costs. If you happy to proceed further than we will look at the requirements in-depth and provide final time and estimates
After the live deployment we are on stand-by for a specified period depending on the size of the project to fix any arising issues after this period we are happy to continue to support and maintain our solutions on request
Yes, custom software can be very specific to every business so we can’t put every scenario on our website. Our expertise spans from developing simple applications to complex enterprise systems, so get in touch
We offer digital services that fall into the following categories

Software Consultancy to identify barriers on business growth and help plan, create and execute a sound digital transformation strategy to maximize ROI.

Custom software specifically designed for your unique requirements.

Software Products developed and ready to be used by your customers.

Software Integration to simplify complex processes and create end-to-end flows.

Legacy System that is no longer effective can be evaluated to upgrade or replace.

Rescue Projects that is falling behind schedule or requires review and expert skills.

We develop bespoke software using

Languages Microsoft .NET C#, MVC, WPF, WCF, C++

Scripts JavaScript, VBA, Power Shell

Platforms Azure, Amazon Web Services EC2, S3, Private Hosting, Docker

Message Broker RabbitMQ, MSMQ

Software Architecture Client-Server, MicroServices, CQRS

Network Architecture 2-Tier, 3-Tier, Heterogeneous Networks

Approach Business First (Domain Driven Design - DDD), Code First, Agile, Scrum

OS Windows, Mac, Unix, iOS, Android

Some small businesses can run relatively well with simple systems in place, such as MS Office with some scripting but for growing business or bigger organizations there is a greater need and benefits for custom software:

Specifically Designed to follow your business model the way you intended

Increase Efficiency by removing manual tasks and reducing risk of errors

Cut Costs by removing time consuming and needless manual administration

Future Proof your business growth by scaling same software with huge cost benefits

Adapt Faster to market changes and keeps business processes aligned with changing business model