Intelligent Simplicity

For companies that need to unlock business value

About Us


We digitize business strategies to transform organizations with modern solutions that creates unique services and better products to improve employee and customer experience


VectorXE Ltd is a software solutions provider based in the UK. Our area of expertise covers the full spectrum of custom software development from simple applications to building complex products for the Web, Mobile and desktop

Our industry experts with over 25 years’ of combined experience in full stack software development have evolved to identify the needs of modern organizations and how they can unlock business value with innovative and forward thinking solutions to modernise and transform your digital landscape with cutting edge technologies and skills

Our Mission

To achieve technological excellence through our unique process and VXE Building Blocks (VXEBB) architecture, approach that progressively improves our capacities to deliver smarter and quicker solutions than our competitors

Forge robust long-term business relationship with our customers to build loyalty and shared value

Our Vision

To cultivate unique internal and external strength and presence so we can grow and be sustainable to a rapidly changing and unpredictable world through implementing 2 key initiatives by 2024

  • Focus on development of 5 top mission critical SaaS software products for diverse market offerings
  • Leverage VXE Building Blocks (VXEBB) software architecture to help businesses transform into digital enterprises by providing top quality solutions faster than our competitors