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Stable and scalable backend solutions for complex business needs with data-centric infrastructure for desktop, web, mobile and IoT

BackEnd Development


Our server-side development for web services, messaging, middleware and real-time communication forms a backbone of any enterprise system

What We Do

We develop back-end solutions for the web, desktop, mobile and enterprise systems from simple Client-Server to Service Orientated (SOA) and Microservices architecture. Whether you require building a new platform or upgrading current system we are well versed in complex business and technical challenges involved with building resilient backend system that is scalable, robust and secure. Our skills and technological experience to build innovative backend systems can provide substantial ROI

Leverage our expertise to boost your project success

  • Backend as a Service (BaaS) to develop and fully manage your back office infrastructure
  • Build Backend system for your mobile app, front-end application, web application or website
  • Integrate your modern technology stack with legacy systems
  • Run Batch Jobs scheduled for specified time or manually (to produce daily reports, import/export data etc.)
  • Trigger Processes based on specified events (to initiate inter-departmental and B2B tasks, reminders etc.)
  • Real-Time Data streaming pipelines and processing (to monitor activities, analyzing data and reporting etc. in real-time)

How Can We Help

Backend applications are backbone of the system it is a vital component that determines business stability, performance and ultimately its success so crucially we build quality, resilience, security, performance and scalability over and above the requirements

Our wealth of full-stack experience which is deeply rooted from dedicated single-stack development helps us orchestrate the best results and improved development path for efficiency focused backend solution with less disruption in your mission-critical environment

What Is BackEnd

Backend is referred to any part of the application that runs on the server side which users cannot see but communicates behind the scenes and performs vital tasks of storing, retrieving and organizing data throughout the system and pushing data to the applications which users can see