Billing Done Right

Get online with digital invoicing to remove time consuming administration tasks and scale your billing model



Create efficient on-line invoices and scale your business billing model to keep track of your invoices and payments to get paid on time and support investment to help your business grow

What We Do

We provide e-invoice solution specifically customized to your business needs, whether you are moving from manual invoicing or need to adopt a better invoicing model, it can save you time and money with automating, creating and delivering invoices with payment tracking that can reduce cost up to 80%. Invoicing is an important function of any business whether you are a freelancer, small business or a large enterprise, scaling your business starts with your billing

Our e-invoice solution can help all types of industry, a large proportion of time is spent doing pre/post administration sales work and chasing customers for payment, this valuable time could be spent looking for more customers and earing more revenue

We have extensive experience in digitization of the invoices for easier tracking and record keeping taking advantage of machine learning to support automated flows and processes

  • Create Invoices in seconds and send to clients
  • Customize Layout with professional personalized invoices with multiple formats, logo and colors
  • Deliver Directly to all departments via email, fax, post and portals
  • Create Smart invoices triggered automatically by your in-house system, on-line or manually at the premises
  • Assigns invoice number
  • Calculates price and VAT
  • Specifies pay by date
  • Tracks invoice journey with paid, unpaid, overdue and identify good customers
  • Generates built-in payment link, making easier and faster for customer to pay
  • Customer Access for all invoices, account management to handle disputes and making multiple payments
  • Schedule Recurring billing process for future payments, reminders and automatic payments
  • 80% Reduced Time/Cost in headcount, data synchronization and aggregation
  • Automatically Synchronize your accounting system to seamlessly keep your payment information up-to-date

How We Can Help

Our all-in-one invoice solution keeps you organized, get complete picture of your invoice data with a dashboard that provides graphs with overview of your revenue and filters to create reports by particular client and timeframe. Create one-off or recurring invoices with options for one-click, in person or by phone payment and track invoices in real-time from your desktop, tablet or mobile at any time

We can automate as much or as little of your business as required with auto payment reminders, auto-pay with direct debit or debit/credit card for recurring payments designed to speed up invoicing to get paid faster and improve cash flow

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to have evidence of all sales to protect yourself as well as keep track of payments. It helps to keep track of sales for tax purposes, forges an agreement with a customer for legal reasons and marketing to identify trends and popular products